Homes for Lambeth are proposing 27 new high-quality homes for a site at 24-66 Fenwick Place.

The majority of the two storey building is now empty and abandoned. Many of the homes are boarded up and in poor condition. Bombed during the Second World War, the original terraced housing that had occupied the site was removed with the development of the Fenwick Estate in the 1960's.

The site faces Fenwick Place to the south and east, and to the west the rear gardens separate the existing block from the rear of the homes on Bedford Road.

The redevelopment of the site provides a great opportunity to provide suitable, high-quality housing, with more appropriate homes than the existing neglected bedsit accommodation. The new development can act as a catalyst for wider regeneration across the Fenwick Estate.

The proposed development is for 27 new homes, including family homes. 50% of the new homes will be affordable with 70% at Council Level rent and 30% shared ownership. All of the homes will be built with windows on at least two sides (dual aspect), making the most of natural light.

The planned scheme is to build two apartment buildings and one terraced house as well as a communal amenity garden in the heart of the site. The homes will be built to respect existing adjacent homes, minimising neighbours overlooking from windows and doors.

The southern corner of each block will be angled, softening the overall form of the buildings. As well as this, there will be a wide central opening to the large rear garden.

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