Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that have been raised by local residents. Thank you to everyone who has contacted us so far.

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What are you proposing? 

We are proposing to build 27 new homes on Fenwick Place, of the 27 homes 50% of the habitable rooms (i.e. a bedroom and living room) will be affordable. Of the 27 new homes, 8 will be at council-level rents and 3 will be shared ownership. The remaining properties will be for private sale.  

Have you submitted a planning application? 

At present, it is proposed to submit in Summer 2020 

What is the timescale of the project? 

Summer 2020- Planning Submission 

Winter 2020- Planning Determination 

Summer 2021- Start on site 

Autumn/Winter 2022- Building Completion/Occupation 

Will there be any light impact from neighbouring buildings? 

As part of the planning application a daylight/sunlight impact assessment must be completed. This has informed the design of the project. The homes will be built to respect existing adjacent homes, minimising neighbours overlooking from windows and doors. The relevant report will be submitted with the application and will be available for viewing. 

What about parking? 

Three new spaces for holders of Blue Badges will be provided. There will be no additional car parking, in line with the London Borough of Lambeth and the mayor of London’s planning policies. The site is very close to public transport. 

Will there be any cycle storage? 

Yes, there will be enclosed cycle storage for 49 bicycles. 

What if I missed the presentations? 

You can still view the plans via our project website. If you have any further questions you can contact us via our freephone number, (the phone line is staffed Monday- Friday between 9am and 5.30pm) our freepost address our email address.  We aim to respond to all questions within 10 working days. Following the submission of a planning application you can also submit your feedback to Lambeth Council as part of their consultation process.   

Will there be any disruption during the construction period?  

Whilst temporary, we do appreciate that any development is disruptive. HFL will seek to mitigate the impact of the development through ensuring that the selected Contractor complies with the Considerate Contractors Scheme.  

There will be an element of noise, dust and traffic as part of a demolition and build project. But this will be minimised.  

A full Construction management report will be completed as part of the application process. This will be a live document throughout the construction programme, which shall be made available to stakeholders, local residents and council members.  The report shall include the proposed processes and methods of containment.  Contact details and complaints procedures shall also be provided and advertised on any site boarding’s. 

There will also be the opportunity to meet the contractors on a regular basis where residents will be able to voice any concerns. 

Will there be a communal garden? 

Homes for Lambeth will employ Outerspace to create a high-quality landscaped garden at the rear of the buildings. This space will be suitable for all residents, including families and children as there will be a new children's play area. 

When will redevelopment for the wider estate begin? 

We currently anticipate beginning work on the masterplan in Summer 2020.  

How will this project help the housing crisis? 

Homes for Lambeth aims to create better homes. Many of the current bedsits are in poor condition with many of them boarded up. There are currently 22 bedsits. Our proposals include 27 new homes and 80 habitable rooms (i.e. a bedroom and living room) and of these rooms 50% will be affordable.  

When will guardians have to leave the property? 

The guardians will be given notice by their guardian company at the appropriate time.  Subject to planning approval, this is expected to be later in 2020/early 2021.  

Would there be an option to move from guardians to this scheme? 

These proposed new homes are being developed for current secure tenants and homeowners on Fenwick Estate, with the wheelchair units allocated via Lambeth’s housing list. 

Homes for Lambeth has been set up by Lambeth Council to deliver More & Better Homes, maximising the  number of additional homes at  Council Level Rent which will be available to families in housing need within Lambeth. On the regeneration schemes, the initial homes being developed will be allocated to those who need to move as part a rebuilding programme. 

Could you give us an indication of purchase price? 

We are currently in the process of pre application planning. We haven’t submitted a planning application. Whilst we may have an idea these figures could be subject to change. As part of the application process we will also be submitting a financial viability assessment.  

What are the options for current occupants who are renting privately?  

Homes for Lambeth have a series of key guarantees. Unfortunately, these key guarantees are only for current secure tenants. 

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